Tips for Writing a Blog or Eye Catching Article which rocks on Google

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We are here to share a best and reliable tips for writing a eye catching content for your customer having Article website or a Web Blog to post content relevant to their needs. Here you Go:

Whether you are just starting out with your online business or an experienced professional, writing and distributing articles is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to drive targeted traffic to your site. Writing articles and posting them in the article index will get you free traffic when people click a link in your resource box. And it is a great way to improve search engine rankings, as you will have a lot of incoming links to your site. Let’s take a look at how to get started writing essays. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Write the Top Ten List

An easy way to start with an article is to come up with a Top Ten list. Find a topic related to your business and write down ten reasons why someone should buy your product or offer advice on a topic related to your website. Examples could be the top ten ways to get your child to sleep through the night, the top ten reasons to write essays, or the top ten reasons to buy car insurance. Once you have your list of ten items, write a small paragraph about each one, explaining the reason in more detail.

Next add the introductory section that draws the reader to your list. For example, the introduction of a baby sleeping at night can say how hard it is to do all day and how you miss sleep until you get your baby to sleep through the night. Then close your article by summarizing what you just told them in your top ten list or encouraging them to do what you just told them.

Congratulations, you just wrote an article. Yes you can shorten this to the top 5 list. Just write more about each of your points.

Record Your Title

Some people prefer to record themselves while talking about a topic and then write and organize it into an article. If you have more time to talk about a topic than to write about it, this may be a good option for you. Many MP3 players now come with the recording option, or you can take a cheap tape-recorder. Choose a topic and start talking as if you were explaining it to a friend. Just start bubbling and the ideas will start to flow. Now listen to your tape. Write down and organize the main points that you drive crazy in sequence. Add an introduction and close and you have another topic.

Hire a Ghost Writer (if you need help on particularly customized writings)

If you have difficulty writing essays, or do not have the time to do so, you can still benefit from article advertising by hiring a ghost-writers. Ghost Writers will write you different articles that become your intellectual property. You can post them as your work on your site, your blog, and your article references. You can find a ghost writer on sites like & other freelancing website like There are also freelance writers who have their own websites outside. You can usually buy articles anywhere from $ 5 – $ 65 depending on their content quality.

Write an Outline and Have Someone Else Turn It Into a Title

Another option if you do not want to do all the writing yourself is to write the basic outline of the article and the point you want to convey. Write down any ideas you have about the article, and then ask a friend or hire someone to turn it into a topic for you. You may feel more comfortable transferring these articles as your own, as the content of the article was your true perspective. Someone just set you up for article format.

There is no reason not to start marketing the topic in any way. Find a few articles there and sit back and watch the traffic flow. You will be impressed by the results you can get even in the article article, you will be writing and submitting it all the time.

Now how it will work for you to rock on google. Here is the tip for you just be with us:

Search engines determine their rank based on two factors:

1) Is your site related? (Provided specific keywords)

2) Is your site important? (More links back to your site from other sites)

Only if you talk about both of these considerations when you are sure you will have an impact. Your level of success depends on how hard you try and how many other people you compete with (and how hard they try).

Setting up your site keywords is the easy part. Generating links back to your site is a huge challenge – and time consuming. But it can be done; and you do not need a big budget.

The key to making Google the top of the budget is writing articles.

Here’s how it works …

STEP 1) You are an expert in your field so you have the knowledge that other people want.

STEP 2) Writes a useful article – sharing your hard-working knowledge and skills.

STEP 3) You submit your article to the recognized “Article Post” online sites.

STEP 4) Publishers of online newsletters, four, etc. they collect content on these sites for free.

STEP 5) Useful, well-written articles taken by thousands of publishers from all over the world.

STEP 6) The only condition is that they must publish the article with the active link of your site.

STEP 7) 300 people publish your article – you get 300 links back to your site.

Below are some FAQs about writing articles that will help you write your essays and manage your campaign.

Q) What should I write about?

A) Write about what you know. Make sure it is related to your business (so you can use the keywords you want to rate) and are useful (for publication). For example, if you are an industrial plastics manufacturer, you could write an article – or a series of articles – about the best way to handle teflon tubes before installation. When you think about it, you will probably find that there are hundreds of helpful articles you can write. You may have some of the parts already written in your instruction manuals or installation guidelines, etc. Another good idea is to consider all the questions that customers and potential customers ask. These questions show you what people are interested in. If you write an essay answering all these questions, you will be published, and you will prove yourself a reliable professional. (You can even reduce your phone’s backup time!)

Q) How long should my article be?

A) Excellent articles are only as long as needed. Keep it short and fun – there’s nothing wrong with a 400 word article. In the same way, if you need 1500 words to say everything you need to say, that’s fine.

Q) What kind of writing should I use?

A) Just write in a style that your audience will be comfortable with. If they come from an old school, don’t write like I do. Do not use abbreviations, do not complete sentences with adverbs, and do not start sentences with “once” or “but”. But if they are not old school, just use conversational English. In fact, the more you engage in the topic, the more interesting it will be. The key is to make it readable.

Q) Should I focus on keywords?

A) Yes! Yes! Yes! Any copyist of SEO website will tell you that just as you need to expand your website to get specific keywords, you should also prepare your articles. If possible, change keywords and make links back to your site. Also, always try to include keywords in the title and line of your article. And do not worry about being seen as spam; if your article provides good quality information and guidance, it will not be considered by search engines as spam even if the keyword is very rich.

Q) Where should I submit my article?

A) There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites posted online. There are too many to put here. Search for “submit articles” and just find the ones that work best in your industry and give them more subscribers. Alternatively, you can purchase a list.

Q) Who will publish my article?

A) People often publish pre-published articles because they want “eyes on paper”. In other words, they want to generate traffic on their site. Helpful articles are one way to do that. It also establishes them as trustworthy authorities in a particular case. It also improves customer loyalty. There are hundreds of thousands of companies (maybe even millions) that publish online newsletters, zenes, and headlines. No matter what your industry is, you will definitely find a few who are interested in what you have to say. In fact, when a few publishers see you as a good source of content, they keep coming back for more information (even sending you an email asking if you can send them directly).

Q) How will I know when my article is published?

A) As one of the conditions for publication, you may request that the publisher notify you when using your article. Yes, most people do not bother to do this, so it is a good idea to set up a Google Alert ( that lets you know once your URL has been published on a web page. Google doesn’t pick them all, but it does take a lot. Whenever you receive a warning, you verify that the article has not changed and that the link back to your site is active.

Q) Will the publisher change my subject?

A) No, usually not. Editing articles is just an extra task. In fact, this is why publishers like good articles and consistent content providers – because that means they don’t have to do any extra work. I have had many published articles, and I do not remember a single article of the article being changed without my permission. If you are concerned about it, you can order not to change the article under your publishing conditions.

Q) Can I get an SEO copywriter to write and submit my articles?

A) Yes. Any SEO copywriter should be able to write rich keywords for articles and submit them to a high article submission site.

Q) What kind of information would I need to provide an SEO copywriter to write my article?

A) You will need to tell your SEO copyist something like, “We want to write an article that helps people install a teflon tube. The types of people who will be doing it… They will be doing it because… The benefits of our tubes are… The difficulties they can face are… Here are the key steps to successful submission…

Q) Will my reputation be damaged if my article comes from a dirty site?

A) It should not. Most a dodgy sites will be unrelated or have very low traffic. If the site is unrelated, the publisher will not go to great lengths to publish your article. If it is related but has very low traffic, very few people will see your article there anyway. And besides, even if your article comes from a dodgy site, it probably won’t be changed because – dodgy or not – the publishers don’t create extra work. So your original presentation, content, and purpose will not be affected. Write a good article, and it always shows you well, no matter where it is published.

Q) How long will it take for my content to get popularity and reach higher traffic all over for marketing?

And yes, content marketing works. It can take around six to nine months to start seeing substantial results. Keep in mind that the answer for your business could look very different. You might see results more quickly, depending on how much effort you put into strategy, production, and promotion.

Thanks for Reading, Have a Nice Day – Have Fun!

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